The Friends of Mays Hill Cemetery

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Saturday 15th February - 1.00pm Public Meeting - Guest Speaker: Ronda Gaffey from the Parramatta                                                                                             Female Factory Friends

Saturday 18th April - 1.00pm Public Meeting - A joint meeting of the Parramatta Cemetery Groups                                                    will be held at 'Linnwood', 25 Byron Road, Guildford.                                                                          Guest Speaker: Mark Bundy from Rookwood Cemetery. 

Sunday 3rd May: 2.00pm - 4.00pm - Cemetery Tour - As part of the Australian Heritage Festival                                                                    This year's theme is :   "Our Heritage for the Future"

Saturday 20th June - 1.00pm Public Meeting - Guest Speaker: Stephen Palmer

Sunday 21st June - from 10.00am - 2.00pm. Weather permitting we will be having a Gardening Day, so                    bring your gloves and gardening tools to do some weeding and tidying up in the cemetery.                                                                 Refreshments provided.

Saturday 15th August - 1.00pm Public Meeting and Annual General Meeting. Guest Speaker: TBA

Sunday 27th September - from 10.00am - 2.00pm. Weather permitting we will be having another                            Gardening Day, so bring your gloves and gardening tools to do some weeding and tidying                      up in the cemetery.               Refreshments provided.

Saturday 17th October - 1.00pm Public Meeting - Guest Speaker : Kerima-Gae Topp                                                                                

Saturday 21st December - 1.00pm Public Meeting and Christmas Afternoon Tea

The Friends of Mays Hill Cemetery meet at the small hall at the Jones Park complex, corner of Burnett & Landsowne Streets, Merrylands.

Visitors Welcome! 

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(Also known as The Western Road Cemetery)

Copied in part from "The Parramatta Cemeteries - MAYS HILL" by Judith Dunn and published by Parramatta and District Historical Society.

"Mays Hill Cemetery is in reality two distinct cemeteries appropriated for the Presbyterians and Baptists of the Parramatta area in 1839 and 1849 respectively. They were deliberately situated just outside the town boundary near the top of Mays Hill ridge in a sparsely populated area, yet within reasonable reach of the local inhabitants.............

The first entry in the Presbyterian burial register is Elizabeth McKay, abode George and Church Streets, died 9th October 1843 aged 34 years......Her profession was listed as publican (her husband's profession)..........The impressive family memorial still stands and is indicative of their position in Parramatta society........Her husband, John McKay, was valet to Governor Gipps but left his employ and became licensee of Richard Rouse's Australian Arms Inn.........

The first entry in the Baptist burial register is William Hopkins Carey, buried 25th September 1852 aged 22years. This is curious as he was not buried in Mays Hill but in the Independent section of the Devonshire Street cemetery, now the site of Central Station, Sydney. A memorial service was however, held for him in Parramatta. William Carey was, despite his young age, a highly regarded Minister to the Baptist community and his death was a critical event in the early history of the church. Through a quirk of fate William was eventually re-interred in Mays Hill when Devonshire Street cemetery was demolished to make way for the railway, In this manner his headstone is the oldest in the cemetery but was erected elsewhere first.

The earliest memorial to be erected in the Baptist Cemetery records the second burial in the register, Arthur Stapleton, a child of sixteen months who died on 8th December 1853.

During 2017 the local government boundaries between the former Holroyd City Council and Parramatta City Councils were altered and Mays Hill Cemetery now lies within the boundary of the new City of Parramatta Council.

  The cemetery is also cared for by the Friends of Mays Hill Cemetery.